Big Island Wish List

You have to love the modern world some days. Yes we may be destroying our oceans and embroiled in political debates--but you can also get a direct flight from Chicago to Honolulu! How amazing is that??

So after the 9-hour direct flight and a quick jump over to Kona, I landed in the Big Island last evening to the sight of this beautiful sunset. Quick night's sleep and I'm about to board the Kona Aggressor--my home for the next week!


And while I wait to board, I've put together my wish list for the next 10 days:

- Whales (above and below water)

- Mantas and lots of em

- Schooling Dolphins

- The other dolphin (AKA Mahi Mahi)

- Deep Water Invertebrates

- Sharks, sharks and more sharks

How many of those will I get to photograph?? Well we will just have to wait and see! 

- Aloha from The Big Island