Kona Day 3

What a whirlwind of a day! 

The surge finally settled down in the morning just in time to hope onto a great critter dive--making the task of focusing on tiny pipefish, long nose hawkfish and frogfish possible!


From the morning macro, we began a northward journey to Ampitheater, where I got my first chance to swim in (and also photograph) a lava tube! Basically, it's a long, narrow passageway through the heart of the reef created by 2000-degree molten rock flowing thousands of years ago.


Not before long, the sun set below the horizon and it was time for the moment I'd been waiting for--Manta madness. Every night, mantas gather underneath boat lights to feed on the infinitesimal krill that are attracted. It's quite a feeling to have a manta with a 20-foot wing span swoop so close overhead that it knocks your mask right off your face.

Many more manta pics to come, but here's one to teaseā€¦


Well, that's all for day three in Kona--but stay tuned to see what tomorrow brings--hopefully some dolphins and whales and even more mantas!