Kona Day 4 and 5

Days four and five of my Kona adventures brought more awesome underwater goodness, as well no wi-fi signal (hence my absence for 48 hours).


I did a first for the week—and skipped a dive. Why you ask? Well, we pulled into a small inlet for an afternoon dive to the sight of dozens of spinner dolphins making laps around the bay. So, I ditched the tank, donned my snorkel kit and with camera in hand swap out into the middle of the bay.

I felt a bit the fool for the first 20 minutes, alone in the water without dolphins and the liveaboard barely in sight. But I wasn’t alone forever—soon enough the pods of dolphins began to make laps around me, as I gave chase hopelessly trying to snap away.

I took to many pics to count, but hopefully this will give you an idea of what this amaaaazing experience was like:

_JLT5980 copy.jpg
_JLT6006 copy.jpg

Photographers (underwater ones especially) have a habit of building up their expectations for a shoot. Well the manta night dive lived up to my best expectations, and then some. 

_JLT6086 copy.jpg

Every night dozens (no exaggeration) of mantas gather in the shallow water only a stones throw from the airport. They are attracted by the scads of infinitesimal krill and invertebrates drawn to the divers’ lights.

And what a show it is! I sucked every breath out of my tank as these underwater “big birds” with 20-foot-wingspans summersaulted right in front of my lens.

 Open wiiiiiide!

Open wiiiiiide!

Without any air left in my tank after 70 minutes underwater (really, completely empty), I made a lethargic ascent to the dive boat’s ladders. But I wasn’t alone…

Two frisky bottlenose dolphins decided to see what all the fuss was a bout, zig-zagging their way in between the enormous mantas still drawn to the liveaboard’s divelights. You know you might be a spoiled diver when you are literally thinking, “Why won’t those darn mantas get out of the way so I can get a good shot of a dolphin?”

_JLT6254 copy.jpg
_JLT6267 copy.jpg

What a couple of days! When I get internet again I'll make sure to tell you what else I saw.