Kona Day 7 and 8: Spotted Dolphins, Hammerheads, and Beaked Whales Oh My!

After 25 straight dives on the Kona Aggressor for 6 days, I was ready for some time off--so day 7 of my Kona adventures was spent catching up on some reading from the beautiful view of my (free upgraded) hotel room!


Day 8 was back to business as I woke up at dawn to join Rob White of Blue Water Hunters for a day out at sea. What were we looking for, you ask? To be honest even I didn't know--a little of this a little of that, basically anything cool.

The morning started out with a bang, with spotted dolphins riding the boat's wake--I jumped in with the boat still in gear, but had no real luck at a shot. We checked out the local FADs: No those aren't the hip things to do on the island, but rather fish attraction devices. 


My free diving guide for the day even dipped down to about 40 feet to drop off some sardines for any sharks willing to come say "hi"; but of course, none did!


The next few hours were filled hoping in and out of the boat with camera and snorkel kit chasing after hammerheads and various other sightings (without much luck). I was beginning to doubt if I'd get up close and personal with anything that day when Rob shouted "beaked whale!"

I had no real idea at the time what exactly a beaked whale is, but there was a little bit more pressure when the boat captain added "If you get a shot of it in the water, it will be the fifth in the world." No pressure of course….so I hoped in and found this coming straight at me!


Back on the boat the captains suspicions were confirmed: It was none other than a Cuvier's Beaked Whale. A 20-foot long cetacean that lives oh at a few miles below the surface and we were super fortunate to catch it during a breath. 


Moral of the story--hop in the water no matter what and you might just end up with one of five images of a species in the world!