Rhode Island Day 1: Makos and Humpbacks

For many, Shark Week involves curling up on the couch with some popcorn and watching amazing (albeit sensationalized) underwater images of sharks. We wanted to pay tribute to the real beauty of these amazing animals—that’s why we teamed up with Ikelite to bring you DPG’s “Shark Celebration Week.”

But to really get in the spirit, we took it to the next level; leaving DPG headquarters in NYC for one of our favorite shark photography destinations. Best of all, it’s only two hours away…by train.


After a swift train ride, we arrived in Rhode Island, where we met up with our friend Joe Romeiro with Pelagic Expeditions. One 4 AM wake-up call later, we boarded the boat down at the dock and were on our way...

photo copy 4.JPG

The morning kicked off with a bang—several bus-sized humpbacks partaking in a feeding frenzy!

photo copy 2.JPG

As much as I love whales, I have to admit I was relieved when Joe yelped “Shark!” We had found the attention of a Mako shark. Not a bad way to spend Shark Celebration Week.


Well that’s it for now. Heading back out tomorrow hoping to get in the water and photograph some blue sharks! Until then…